Do You Struggle with Daily Operations Affecting Your Ability to Grow the Business?
Are You Working IN Your Business or ON Your Business? There’s a Big Difference!

Michael Gerber wrote one of the my favorite books of all time in “The E-Myth.” The book talks about how so many business owners become the slave of their business. He discusses that most people get into a business because of a skill or a product that they are good at producing. He often uses the example of the woman who bakes really good pies and every year at Thanksgiving, the family raves over her pies and tells her she should open a bakery.

The woman opens that bakery but realizes soon in that it’s no longer just about baking pies. It involves paying rent, payroll, payroll taxes and workmens comp. She has to worry about inventory, staffing and cash flows. Pretty soon, she’s so exhausted that someone else is making the pies and they taste nothing like the ones that graced the family’s presence every fourth Thursday of November.

Gerber talks about business owners that are technicians, not tacticians. A famous quote of his sums up the life of the entrepreneur very well: “If your business depends on you, you don’t a business, you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world, because you work for a lunatic!”

What PowerCircle monthly meetings will help you do is to put aside at least a couple hours a month for you to work ON your business, not just IN it. Many members, use this time on their calendar to start to implement strategies that grow their business because they are not just caught up in the running of the business. It may just be a couple hours a month to start.. but I learned to grow the number of hours per month, and then per week, to work ON my business.

Come check out our group and work ON your business a little bit!