Are You Concerned About Your Business Growing in a Sluggish Economy?
How a Group of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs Can Show You the Difference… Rinse & Repeat!

Before I was the Host of PowerCircle, I attended as a member for almost ten years. What I loved about coming to PowerCircle for so many years was that during the toughest economic times our country has ever seen, I was able to grow my businesses. I often would chuckle and tell people, “I chose not to participate in the recession!”

It may have been a little cheeky (as we would say in my native England) but it was true. I started my food delivery (originally called Just Dine In) business in late 2006 and less than two years into it, 2008 happened and the economy plummeted. There were plenty of businesses struggling and plenty in my industry that cited the economy as the reason for declining drops in business.

Instead of tagging on to the excuse, my business partner and I opted to look for the opportunities at hand. We identified where the options for growth were in our industry and how we could achieve this growth. We implemented smart, trackable marketing and split-tested all kinds of different marketing tactics. We found what worked and then we would “Rinse and Repeat!”

Later, when we merged the company into a new one, we were able to take these tactics and implement them on a larger scale. We got to learn from the experiences of our new business partners and leverage the systems that they had built and implement them into our markets. It was so much fun to take smart and responsible systems, implementing them into market after market. (NM, CO, NV, CA, TX & OR were all states that the new company did business in eventually)

That’s what PowerCircle is all about. Not taking advice or theory from people, it’s about learning tried and true marketing practices and being able to easily implement them into your business. Come to our next meeting and you will see what all the fuss is about!